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Avg Shuttle Wait Time

With only a short walk to the terminal, Coaches Operate every 10-15min, 24/7 aswell.

Long Stay Bristol-AIRPORT


Parking Options & Amenities

24 Hours Security    
Secure Barrier    
Luggage Suitable    
Easy for Family    

Cheap Bristol Airport Parking



Flexible (Flex):  Such Bookings can be modified or cancelled (T&Cs Apply).

Non-Flexible (Non-Flex):  Such Bookings cannot be modified or cancelled once booked.

Why Book Bristol Airport Long Stay Parking

Bristol airport Long Stay car park offers amazing value, high quality security and convenience.

This Bristol airport parking option is located opposite the terminal building, with transfers taking just 3-4 minutes. It's no surprise that it's a popular choice with our customers!

A popular car park directly opposite the terminal, just a 3-minute transfer from check-in.

If you're looking for cheap parking, but don't want to be miles from the terminal, Bristol's Long Stay provides a perfect balance between cost and convenience.

With free transfers every 20 minutes, it's no wonder it's one of our most-popular car parks!

When you arrive, just pull up to the barrier and wait for it to lift, then drive through and choose your space.

Once you've grabbed your bags, just head over to the transfer bus and let it whisk you to the terminal. It takes just 3 minutes, so you'll be there in no time!


The car park provides top-notch security for your car. As well as entry and exit barriers, Long Stay parking also has perimeter fencing, floodlighting, CCTV and regular staff patrols, so you can rest easy while you're away knowing everything is in hand.


When you get back, the process is just as easy. Simply catch the transfer bus back to the car park from where it dropped you off, then head to your car - which will be exactly where you left it - jump in and drive to the barrier. Wait for it to raise and head through, then you're free to drive home!

Get super-convenient parking near the terminal at a price that can't be beaten when you book Long Stay today. 


Wider spaces for Blue Badge holders are available in the car park. Assistance buttons are located at each entry barrier and staff are available to assist. The spaces work on a first come first served basis. 

Booking confirmations can be printed or shown on your phone or device.

Getting to and from Bristol airport

When you arrive at the car park, drive to the barrier, which will recognise your number plate. Touch the button on the machine to be issued with a ticket and to raise the barrier. Please keep this ticket safe as you will need to insert it at the exit barrier upon leaving the car park.

Park in any space and get one of the 3-minute shuttle buses.

The car park is secured: there are barrier controls and there is also fencing, lighting, CCTV and 24 hour staffing.

When you get back take the shuttle bus back to the car park. Drive your car to the barrier and put in your ticket - the barrier will raise automatically.

Bristol Long Stay Address
Long Stay Car Park 
Bristol Airport 

BS48 3DY


Holiday Parkings neither takes vehicles nor looks after the vehicle in any case, instead the service provider (see above) parks the vehicle to their own secured car park compound. 

Non-Flex booking is non cancellable and non refundable. There will be NO CANCELLATION and NO REFUND for the booking, where the time of booking and the time drop off time at the airport (meet and greet) or car park (park and ride) falls on the same day or within 24 hours. 

We highly recommend to all our customers NOT to leave any personal belongings/valuables inside the vehicle, if you do so your own risk then please take a receipt from the driver.

On Arrival

Located within the airport complex, this car park is easy to find. You will NOT be required to leave your keys.

This car park is within walking distance but transfers also run every 10-15 minutes 24 hours a day.

The barrier will recognise your registration and rise. If barrier fails to raise press the help button and quote your booking reference number.

HolidayParkings does not take vehicles from any airport, instead the service provider (see below) takes the vehicle and park to their own secured car park compound. Make sure you call and look for the driver of the service provider on your departure and return day. We will send you all the instruction (telephone number,  etc.) to your email account once the booking is made.

NOTE: It’s illegal to use the phone while driving. It is the responsibility of the driver/customer to follow the UK Driving and transport LAW and stop at a safer place to make or take a call. If for any reason you lost booking confirmation, then contact us immediately as no refund is available for no-shows or if cancellation is received less than 48 hours before you are due to arrive at the car park. 


From the A38 follow signs for Bristol Airport. As you enter the airport, at the 1st roundabout take the 3rd exit into the Long Stay Car Park.

On arrival at the car park the barrier system will read the vehicle registration, issue a ticket and allow entry.

Please keep the ticket safe as it is required to exit the car park.

On Return

This car park is within walking distance, but transfers also run every 10-15 minutes 24 hours a day.

If your vehicle registration is not recognised and the ticket issued will have NOT PREPAID printed on it.

On return take this ticket to the Customer Service Kiosk, located at the exit barrier, and present the ticket together with your parking confirmation.

Staff will validate the ticket to allow exit from the car park. Drive to the exit barrier and insert the ticket. The barrier will rise and allow exit.

This car park uses vehicle registration recognition system to allow entry and exit. Please ensure we have the correct registration recorded on your booking.