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The Chauffeur Will Meet You At The Terminal On Your Departure Day & Brings The Car Back To The Terminal On Your Return Day, So No Bus Transfer is Required.

247 Airport Parking Luton-AIRPORT


Parking Options & Amenities

24 Hours Security    
Secure Barrier    
Luggage Suitable    
Easy for Family    

Cheap Luton Airport Parking



Flexible (Flex):  Such Bookings can be modified or cancelled (T&Cs Apply).

Non-Flexible (Non-Flex):  Such Bookings can not be modified or cancelled once booked.

Why Choose 24/7 Parking

  • London Luton 24/7 Parking provides airport meet and greet parking for passengers on business and leisure. 
  • Let us care for your vehicle while you are away at our secure parking monitored by manned security and CCTV 24/7.
  • Luton 247 Airport Parking we promise to provide you an affordable parking. We offer a top class service which is second to none. Forget the inconvenience and expenses of long term airport parking, taxi's and awaiting for shuttle transfers as we take care of everything for you.
  • At Luton 247 Airport Parking we aim to provide you with a reliable service by collecting your vehicle at the terminal as you depart and returning it on your arrival. Simply hand over your vehicle key to our fully trained Meet and Greet staff and leave the rest to us.


  • On the day, will meet you at Luton Airport Multi-Storey car park.
  • Please call us when you are 20 to 30 mins away from the terminal and have a Chauffeur dispatched. 
  • If you are running late or early, please do keep us posted.
  • Meet our Chauffeur at our designated point.
  • Hand over the vehicle to our fully insured Chauffeur, sign the paperwork and head straight into your terminal check-in desk.
  • Fully insured 24/7 Parking Chauffeur will drive your vehicle into our highly secured car park located just within 6 miles from the airport.
  • On your safe return, we require you to call us twice, once as soon as you land and the other as soon as you collect your luggage.
  • Sign the paperwork and collect your vehicle from the designated point.


  • When making a booking you are required to enter the vehicle DROP off time (on your Departure from Luton) and the FLIGHT LANDING time for vehicle PICK up (on your Arrival at Luton) as we operate according to the timing you provide us.
  • The booking fee excludes £4.00 to cover the cost of charges now being levied by Luton Airport to all Meet & Greet operators. This is for the use of the drop-off area and new designated collection areas within the short term car parks.
  • According to Luton Airport Authorities, the car park exit fee is £4.00 (15mins cost). Time starts from the time when the vehicle enters into the terminal till the terminal. On your return to the UK, if the customer leaves the Airport premises within 15 minutes of receiving/collecting the vehicle from the service provider, then the exit fee will remain £4.00.
  • If for any personal reasons the customer stays beyond 15mins at the terminal after collecting the vehicle from the service provider on return to the UK, then the customer needs to pay the an extra exit fee at the barrier.
  • We strongly recommend our customers to call the service providers once they collect the luggage in order to avoid any extra cost on their return to the UK.

Holiday Parkings does not take vehicles from any airport, instead the service provider (see above) takes the vehicle and they park to their own secured car park compound. You need to call the service provider on your departure and return day.

Cancellation is not allowed (Flex Bookings Only) where the drop off time is less than 24hrs (Terms & Conditions Apply). Non-Flex booking  is non cancellable and non refundable.

We highly recommend to all our NOT to leave any personal belongings/valuables inside the vehicle, if you do so your own risk then please take a receipt from the driver.

On Arrival

HolidayParkings does not take vehicles from any airport, instead the service provider (see below) takes the vehicle and park to their own secured car park compound. Make sure you call and look for the driver of the service provider on your departure and return day. We will send you all the instructions (telephone numbers, etc.) to your email account once the booking is made.

​NOTE: It’s illegal to use the phone while driving. It is the responsibility of the driver/customer to follow the UK Driving and transport LAW and stop at a safer place to make or take a call.

  • Please call us 20-30 minutes prior arriving to the airport.
  • Please follow signs for Multi-Storey car park (LU2 9QT Height Restrictions 2.1m or 6ft 8in) and drive to the barrier, you need to take a ticket after the barrier, follow the sign for Level 3 or off airport parking meet & greet drop off point, pull into a bay, where you will find our driver waiting for you, and please give your ticket and the key to the driver.
  • Will ask you to check your vehicle and sign the paperwork for handover.

On Return

  • On your safe return, we require you to call us twice. Once as soon as you land and the other as soon as you collected your luggage.
  • You will be required to pay £4.00  (15mins) Change to validate car park ticket 
  • Sign the paperwork and collect your vehicle from our designated point at your terminal.